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FastPictureViewer Professional 32/64-bit
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FastPictureViewer Professional 32/64-bit

Publisher:Axel Rietschin Softw are Developments
Language:Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish
Requirements:Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP SP3, 32-bit or 64-bit
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

FastPictureViewer Professional 32/64-bit -

Designed with pro photographers in mind, FastPictureViewer is a slick 64-bit image viewer and culling tool engineered for viewing and rating digital images faster. The program features full ICC color management with support for profiled monitors, instant zooming and copy/move/delete functions, plus industry-standard Adobe XMP and Microsoft Photo rating, ideal for fast reviewing, culling and rating of large quantities of images. It displays shooting data (shutter speed, f-stop, ISO, exposure compensation) and RGB histogram in seamless floating windows and features a built-in program launcher, all in a slick and uncluttered user-interface. A tethering function is available and works with all cameras compatible with the MTP/PTP transfer protocol, which includes most Nikon DSLRs.

The software supports fast previewing of raw image formats such as Nikon NEF, Canon CR2, Panasonic RW2, Olympus ORF and Adobe DNG with its bundled image decoders. Standard image formats such as TIFF/MTIFF, JPEG, HD Photo, PNG, GIF, BMP and ICO are supported.

The program has been translated to 13 languages and is able to browse folders and images whose names can be written in any language, thanks to its support for the Unicode standard.

One of Germany's largest computer publications, "c't Magazin fur Computertechnik", dubbed FastPictureViewer "the Porsche of image viewers" and described it as "unbeatably fast" in a roundup that included several other image viewers and image editors (issue 19/2008). In another article from the same magazine, FastPictureViewer Professional was listed among the tools available to photographers considering an Adobe DNG based workflow (issue 05/2009).

FastPictureViewer is among the firsts of a new breed of hardware accelerated desktop applications and delivers unprecedented speed and ease of use. The download includes the 64-bit installer, the 32-bit installer as well as the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack universal trial installer.

List of Changes:

Version from 2012-11-17

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Version from 2012-11-14

Fixes a hang in the Zenfolio upload plug-in, occuring when the category fields were left empty on first-ever use. Added CEIP opt-in dialog.

Version from 2012-11-05

Enhanced the batch delete function: sometimes, sharing violation errors caused files to be left behind or the program to hang, and sometimes the Thumbs.db file prevented otherwise empty folders from being removed.

Version from 2012-11-03

View Filter matching count now dynamically updated, added explicit "mark filtered" menu options and keyboard shortcuts for X and P marks.

Version from 2012-10-25

Added history trail navigation commands (Backspace, Shift+Backspace), up to 1000 steps remembered.

Version from 2012-09-27

Fixed a crash occurring sometimes when alternating the use of the quick navigation slider and the delete function.

Version from 2012-09-25

The subfolder picker no longer shows when sub-folder browsing is inactive, fixed a crash when ejecting the media being viewed.

Version from 2012-09-20

Added a translation mechanism for XMP labels (for advanced users) making XMP Label inter-operability with other XMP-enabled applications easier.

Version from 2012-08-25

Added left/right arrows to the thumbnail strip, enhanced the sub-folder picker by adding a clickable 'Image Folder' link at bottom (that now works as it should).

Version from 2012-08-23

Added a subfolder picker pane (provides an easier way to jump to any of the loaded sub-folders). Integrates further with the Windows 7 taskbar.

Version from 2012-08-11

Raw codecs updated to v3.3.0.67. Subtle look-and-feel changes made when FPV is running under Windows 8. Small bug fixes here and there.

Version from 2012-07-22

Small bug fix: the serial number shown for some Canon cameras in the Shooting Data window was incorrectly formatted.

Version from 2012-07-05

Raw compatibility update: Samsung NX1000, Sony DSC-RX100.

Version from 2012-07-02

Raw compatibility update: Canon EOS 650D, Samsung NX20 and NX210, Sigma DP1.

Version from 2012-07-01

Added a new center-crop mode viewing (Shift+Enter) to eliminate margins when the image's aspect ratio does not match the program's window or screen.

Version from 2012-06-29

Rate with Shift+Numeric Keypad 1 to 5, read EXIF 2.3 body s/n and lens model when present.

Version from 2012-06-22

External bookmarks, accepts relative file names on CLI, added 2GB smart resizing option, async filtering and match count, fixed FileUtilities scripting.

Version from 2012-06-14

Reads the camera s/n (where available e.g. Canon, Nikon, Leica...) with associated {CameraSerialNumber} variable and File Utilities conditions. Reads the lens data if present in XMP.

Version from 2012-06-11

Introduces the optional Customer Experience Improvement Program, collects global feature usage statistics, aims to help improve FPV Pro in the future.

Version from 2012-05-11

This build fixes an issue in the GeoClustering plug-in, where singletons were skipped in time clustering mode.

Version from 2012-05-09

This build fixes a couple of issues including a quite rare hang related to the external program launcher.

Version from 2012-05-04

Added a new command-line option to lock-down the user interface, useful for kiosks or read-only viewing stations. Fixed small bugs.

Version from 2012-05-01

On-screen rotation: Ins key = counter-clockwise on-screen rotation, Shift+Ins = clockwise on-screen rotation.

Version from 2012-04-29

This release fixes an auto-rotation issue occurring with some JPEG files (e.g. Sony NEX-7 JPEGs).

Version from 2012-04-27

Introducing the GeoClustering Utility plugin (Ctrl+L, clusters images from GPS coordinates or Time Taken). Also added ability to create NTFS Hard Links in the File Utilities plugin.

Version from 2012-04-15

Zenfolio upload plugin update due to API address change.

Version from 2012-04-06

Added tethering auto-prefixing (Alt+T), fixed a number of small bugs, introducing mouse gestures recognition.

Version from 2012-03-19

Added an option to reverse the sort order. Works for name sort as well as all data/time sort modes.

Version from 2012-03-15

Added a Black & White Preview function (B key) to FPV Pro, allows B&W photographers to get an idea of what a picture would look like after conversion.

Version from 2012-03-05

Added ability to display a PNG overlay image over the program's display area. Great for displaying a tranclucent logo or banner for public presentations etc.

Version from 2012-03-03

New 'EXIF Statistics' plug-in: display image count charts based on shutter speed, aperture, ISO speed, focal length and more.

Version from 2012-02-24

New 'Local Storage or Device' publishing plug-in: export to USB key, digital photo frame, local drive etc... at warp speed and in parallel with other web-publishing tasks.

Version from 2012-02-20

Added a PhotoShelter publishing plug-in, let users upload photos directly to their PhotoShelter account.

Version from 2012-02-08

Zenfolio publishing plug-in let you upload directly to your ZF account. Minor edge-case bug fixes.

Version from 2012-01-25

Added 5 new preference options to the program settings, updated raw codecs to

Version from 2012-01-19

SmugMug web publishing plugin was broken in previous build (

Version from 2012-01-18

Uses new-style folder picker on Windows 7, plus small useability enhancements. Includes raw codecs

Version from 2012-01-14

Adds SmugVault support to SmugMug web upload plugin, also resolves occasional license activation issues encountered in some corporate networks.

Version from 2012-01-12

SmugMug web publishing plugin update, notably adds a "remaining time" estimation.

Version from 2012-01-10

Codecs, curing a color space issue encountered with some JPEG files, updated cheat sheet for v1.7, updated SmugMug web-upload plugin.

Version from 2012-01-09

Plugin-based web publishing, codecs with 7 new cameras, CVKC demo keyword collection, many small ehnancements and bug fixes.

Version from 2011-12-12

Individually selectable localizations during setup, added 6 more spelling languages to the IPTC Editor (Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Slovenian, Swedish)

Version from 2011-12-08

Added support for Nokia Maps in all GPS-related functions, enhanced the batch processor event log with detail window and small bug fixes.

Version from 2011-12-05

New FTP Upload action for the File Utilities batch processor plug-in, also added error control and some simple batch session logging.

Version from 2011-11-21

User-selectable background color. The installer now remembers feature customizations when upgrading.

Version from 2011-11-18

New FPV Pro feature: random slideshows (Shift+A).

Version from 2011-11-14

Smoother Batch Delete function (X, Ctrl+X). Small bug fix related to {AutoIncrement} counter variables, seen sometimes on multiprocessor computers.

Version from 2011-11-11

New File Utilities condition: wildcard or regex-based file name filtering. Spell-checking now enabled on IPTC keywords. Regex on View Filters too.

Version from 2011-11-09

New View Filter option: use wildcards to filter the displayed images by (base) file name, in addition to existing rating/label filters.

Version from 2011-10-16

New [F3] keyboard shortcut to quickly set sort order (name, file creation time, file modification time, EXIF time, GPS time) and reload folder.

Version from 2011-10-13

Raw compatibility update (Fuji F600EXR, Nikon P7100, Olympus E-PL3 and E-PM1, Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Sony NEX-5N, SLT-A65 and SLT-A77)

Version from 2011-09-22

Bug fix: cures a crash happening since build 212 on some computers running in Large Font mode.

Version from 2011-09-20

Maintenance release.

Version from 2011-09-08

New photographer feature: enhanced realtime "zoom" window, with RGB eyedropper and lost highlights/shadows indicators. Small bug fixes.

Version from 2011-09-07

New photographer feature: realtime "zoom" window, with RGB eyedropper and lost highlights/shadows indicators. Small bug fixes.

Version from 2011-08-25

FPV Pro v1.6 with IPTC Editor (final) and GPS Coordinates head up display floating window (similar to EXIF window). Raw codecs

Version from 2011-08-02

Raw codecs refreshed to, improves performance in Windows Photo Viewer and Photo Gallery.

Version from 2011-05-13

Extended camera RAW support to D5100, A230, A290, E-PL1s, XZ-1, F550EXR, HS20EXR, Z990. IPTC Editor: added Polish language spelling. Small bug fixes.

Version from 2011-05-11

IPTC Editor: added configurable multilingual spelling, ships with US, UK, DE, IT, FR and ES dictionaries.

Version from 2011-05-06

IPTC Editor: added Copy/Paste IPTC snapshot, Save Preset (in XMP format), Import Preset (from *any* file), with quick recall of last 16 imports.

Version from 2011-05-02

Added "un-copy" option to the Keep/Copy function (use Shift+K or Shift+* to un-copy a previously copied image).

Version from 2011-04-27

Fixes a bug where the File Utilities rule editor could hang when a folder name contained an ampersand character.

Version from 2011-04-26

Folder monitoring and real-time "hot folder" tracking mode (T) now works across Windows-based local area networks.

Version from 2011-04-20

Maintenance release, cures a rare issue where batch renaming would occasionally skip a file on slow computers when a sharing violation error occurs.

Version from 2011-04-15

Maintenance release, fixes a bug in the Copy... function of the File Utilities plug-in's rule editor.

Version from 2011-04-08

Added ability to attach exported images to an email message in the Save-for-Web action of the File Utilities plug-in, making it easy to export-and-email pictures in one operation.

Version from 2011-04-02

Raw compatibility update: Canon EOS 600D, Digital Rebel T3i, Kiss Digital X5, EOS 1100D, Digital Rebel T3, Kiss Digital X50, Sony DSLR-A390 and Fuji FinePix X100.

Version from 2011-03-28

Performance improvement when browsing images directly off camera over USB connection, or from a network drive.

Version from 2011-03-16

Enabled (English) spell checking to all text fields in the IPTC Editor, more languages to come.

Version from 2011-03-06

FastPictureViewer Professional 1.5 includes the first BETA release of the long-awaited IPTC Editor plug-in. The BETA plug-in supports about 30 IPTC Core fields and can apply metadata to multiple files in batch.

Version from 2011-02-26

Added Hungarian translation, raising the number of available languages to 15.

Version from 2011-01-24

Batch file processor enhancements: GPS position, speed, altitude and direction conditions, with proximity and camera direction matches.

Version from 2011-01-22

Finer control in "GPS data" condition, let users select/exclude images with/without specific GPS information (e.g. image direction).

Version from 2011-01-18

First step towards GPS support: added "GPS data" condition to File Utilities plug-in, to select/exclude geotagged images from batch processes.

Version from 2011-01-08

Major release with view filters, new batch file management trigger condition and actions (set rating, rename) and .WAV audio annotations support in the Professional edition.

Version from 2010-12-18

Maintenance update: added support for Panasonic raw file's ISO speed display.

Version from 2010-12-14

Bug fix: a performance issue that affected some users of the 32-bit version on 64-bit operating systemse was corrected.

Version from 2010-11-27

Maintenance release: codec's refresh.

Version from 2010-11-20

Minor maintenance release.

Version from 2010-11-11

Camera compatibility update (D3100, D7000, P7000, G12, FZ40, FZ100, LX5, K-r, K-5, GX20 and more), bug fixes.

Version from 2010-11-08

Performance update for multi-core computers, smoother parallelism in the batch file processor, raw codecs update.

Version from 2010-10-11

Adjustable opacity for RGB histogram, EXIF data, XMP info. Copy EXIF window to clipboard. Copy image's pathname to clipboard.

Version from 2010-09-12

Added Romanian translation. Also aligns with FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 2.4 (, plus minor enhancements.

Version from 2010-08-28

Maintenance release: align bundled raw codecs with the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 2.3 R5 (, plus minor tweaks.

Version from 2010-08-10

Maintenance release: align bundled raw codecs with the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 2.2R5 (

Version from 2010-08-02

Maintenance release: align bundled raw codecs with the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 2.2R4 (

Version from 2010-07-26

Bug fix: '-icc' command-line options was broken.

Version from 2010-07-15

Bug fix: an issue with bundled raw codecs prevented raw images slideshows from starting on Windows 7 Media Center.

Version from 2010-07-09

File format compatibility update (some issues occuring with DNG and NEF files created with PC software like DxO or CNX were fixed or worked around).

Version from 2010-07-08

File format compatibility update (some rare issues occuring with DNG and NEF files created with PC software were fixed or worked around).

Version from 2010-06-28

Brazilian/Portuguese translation, bug fixes.

Version from 2010-06-21

Bug fix release, corrects some edge-case issues e.g. with CMYK JPEGs and B&W DNGs.

Version from 2010-06-16

File formats compatibility update (Kodak Z981, Olympus E-P2, Samsung NX10, Sony A450).

Version from 2010-05-31

Batch file processor can now optionally erase read-only files. File formats compatibility update (Canon EOS 550D, Fuji HS10/HS11, Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2, Samsung NX10, WB550, Sony NEX-3/NEX-5).


The fastest 32/64-bit image viewer EVER.

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